Frequently Asked Questions

We are the new platform and we are trying to provide the best services for learning languages English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, ...

Because it works! You are provided a new method - a special method that helps talking English effectively and confidently - but simple.

  • Remove all ads.
  • Unlock all features.
  • Access all premium lessons.

We offer 2 plans for you:

  • 6 months: $29.99 ($5/month)
  • Lifetime: $49.99

There are 2 ways to see the subscription screen:

  1. After used 3 free access into lessons, you will the subscription screen.
  2. You can have a quick access from [Settings] > [Wallet]

Yes. But you will have to spend some time to unlock new lessons by viewing ads and earn "Stars" to use some services such as translating, looking up dictionary or recording.
Besides, you can't access into premium lessons.

Yes, you can learn with Talkdy from an Android, iOS phone and tablet.

You can contact via the Support form in app or send mail to