Talkdy English

With Talkdy, you are provided a new method - a special method that helps talking English effectively and confidently - but simple.

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Why is Talkdy?

Because you will learn what you want and what you need. Our app combined with your practicing will improve your talking, your reflex and especially you will know more useful knowledge around your daily life.

Bank School Life House Daily Life Technology Art Transportation
Hotel Student Job Entertainament Business Sport Manufactoring
Restaurant Library Car Dating Finance Consctruction Science
Shopping Education Travel Socializing Marketing Environment Health

What is Talk 1v1?

This is the best feature of us. It allows you can choose a voice to pratice. You can talk about all situations of daily conversation.

The BIG collection

There are more than 1000 exciting conversations about all fields for you explore.

Learn English with celebrity

Enjoy our app with the most exciting videos. The chance to speak 1v1 with celebrity.

Do you want to speak like native speaker?

Yes, we provide the huge idioms for you speak.

Improve reading English

We update news daily, so you can reading news to update your knowledge and improve your vocabulary easily.

Support 70 languages?

Yes, we provide the localized interfaces, include of translating or dictionary services.

Smart features

Easy to build your collection about vocabularies, sentences, lessons, idioms and news to practice everyday.

Keys Features

Talk English

+100 topics, +1000 lessons and +10000 sentences.


+400 podcast series for your listen everyday.

Read news

Read news by your way. We have a lot of tools to support reading effectively.

Idiom collections

+1000 idiom sentences will help you talk like a native speaker.


Learn and use English effectively with Informal/Formal collection

Smart reminder

Smart reminder tool to keep you with your knowledge.

How to talk English 1v1 everywhere and EVERYTHING?